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Lakes Pilots Association, Inc. is one of three U.S. organizations providing cumpulsory and voluntary pilotage service to vessels transitting the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.

In conjunction with Canada's Great Lakes Pilots Association, Lakes Pilots is responsible for pilotage in District 2, encompassing the waters and ports of Lake Erie as well as the designated waters of the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers.

Foreign-flag vessels over 300 gross tons are required to carry pilots while transitting the St. Lawrence Seaway / Great Lakes System. In addition, many vessel operators voluntarily request pilotage when transitting unfamiliar waters and ports.

Lakes Pilots Association has a long tradition of safe and efficient service. For more information on pilotage requirements, go to our CONTACT US section.

In addition to pilotage, Lakes Pilots Association provides a variety of other services.

We operate all-weather pilot boats for pilot changes on Lake Huron and the Detroit River.

Our superior staff of dispatchers ensure against delay.

We also maintain a small fleet of company cars, since pilots are often required to travel overland between ports in our district to ensure efficient movement of ships.


The Office of Great Lakes Pilotage, U.S.C.G., determines the number of pilots required for each U.S. Great Lakes district. Applicants must hold, at minimum, a First Class Pilot License for the appropriate waters and meet the sea-time requirements.

Permanent positions become available as pilots retire and when the Office of Great Lakes Pilotage determines an increase in the number of pilots is required. Lakes Pilots also hires contract pilots during peak periods to help ensure no delay in vessel movement.

All applications received by Lakes Pilots Association will be kept on file and given serious consideration as positions become available.


Lakes Pilots Association
employs office staff, dispatchers, pilot boat crews and drivers.

For more information, go to our CONTACT US section.

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